Whether you have a clarinet recently unearthed from a closet, a guitar that needs a simple restring, or a piano in need of a tune, we've got you covered!

Piano Tuning/Repair and Assessments  

Pianos need to be tuned every 6 months to a year, but if it's been longer there is no need to panic! Everything from a simple tuning to a pitch raise, full regulation, or large scale repairs and rebuilding are well within our expertise! Our piano tuner has been tuning pianos since 1979, and a long list of extremely happy customers. Call the store to book your time, and rest easily knowing that you have years of experience going into the precise and expert tuning of your piano.  If you are looking into purchasing a used acoustic piano, you can also book an appointment for us to assess your piano and give you a fair and detailed report on the value and any work it may need. 

Band Instrument Repair  

Our experienced technicians have degrees in instrument repair and maintenance, and years of experience. Bring your flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, french horn, saxophone, or any other brass/woodwind instrument to the store; our technicians will contact you with a quote, and only proceed with the repair if you agree to the quoted price.  
We replace pads and corks, adjust keys, straighten dents, and anything else you can imagine! With our 35 years of experience in repairs, we have seen it all.  

 Guitar Repair  

We can do anything from a simple restring to repairing a broken head stock! It is a good idea to replace your guitar strings every 3-5 months depending on your brand, and even if your guitar has been sitting unused for years it will need new strings. Bring your guitar in, and we can usually have a restring done by the next day. If your guitar requires more attention, our tech will contact you with a quote, and only proceed with the repair if you agree to the quoted price.


Contact us at 604-465-4900 or use the form below with any inquiries you may have.

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