BOSS RV-5 Digital Reverb

The Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb gives you six high-quality reverb modes on a par with rackmount processors costing many times as much. First-of-its-kind Modulate mode detunes the reverb sound for added spaciousness. Spring reverb emulation offers realistic spring reverb sounds. Gate reverb taken from high-end Roland studio gear. Level, tone, time, and mode controls.

  • 6 high-quality reverb modes 
  • Modulate mode detunes the reverb sound 
  • Spring reverb emulation 
  • Gate reverb 
  • Level, tone, time, and mode controls

I play everything from blues to metal and I can't say I use this pedal on a daily basis, but there are a few key tones I get from this pedal for my clean tones that are down right spooky. Set to "modulate", turn the "time" setting to 12 o'clock, turn the "tone" setting to 9 o'clock, and finally set the "level" to 12 o'clock. Top that off with a nice analog delay and you'll get a tone that is just sinister sounding. This is one of those pedals that you can spend hours tweaking with and finding great tones. the hardest part is settling on your favorite.

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