Joanne was born in Vancouver, BC. and has studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Music, British Columbia Conservatory of Music, Trinity Western University and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra School of Music. Joanne has over ten years experience teaching music and has studied Pedagogy in various studios across BC, including Kelly Kirby, Parker Studios and Place Des Arts. She has studied under many famous teachers who have international acclaim. Joanne has performed as an accompanist for both Chorale Works and Chamber music for Piano & Flute, Piano & Strings, and Vocal Performances. She has also performed in the Brass section for Concert Band and as a Percussionist with Trinity Western University. Joanne's previous students have shown excellence in all areas of their performances. She has Advanced Theory from several institutions including Trinity Western University, and BCCM and an ARCT through the Royal Conservatory of Music. Being a classically trained artist, Joanne's genres of preference and study are of the Classical, Romantic and Baroque Era and Twentieth Century Works. However, she also excels in Improvisation and Contemporary Styles. Joanne's aim is to foster a warm, encouraging, and educational learning environment. She offers a well-rounded approach to learning that includes, Performance skills, Technic, sight-reading, ear-training, composition and theoretical knowledge. Joanne is versatile in  teaching style to meet the needs of the individual student. She is passionate about music performance and equally as passionate about pedagogical technic and sharing my knowledge and skill with others.



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