Steve Gendron received 3 Diplomas from the Columbia Academy of Music and Recording ArtsCommercial Copywriting, Radio Broadcasting and Audio Engineering. Steve also has diplomas in Royal Conservatory Guitar and Piano.
Steve was signed to Spinner Records with his band "Dancing on Glass" (singer/songwriter/guitarist), and with W3G Records of Los Angeles with his band Version Three (#1 on the U.S. College radio charts for 6 months); Version Three  opened at various concerts for the White Stripes and Nickelback among others.
Steve now has 6 licensing deals including Soundscape Media and Linnette Harrigan Music (NY) and writes for tv shows CSI, Gilmore Girls, Descending and is a music writer for SHAW cable Vancouver.
Steve also has music in movies and his band "Irish Misty Rose" is #1 on the ReverbNation music charts.
Steve also runs his own record label called Castle Donnington Records.
He teaches guitar, bass, vocals, beginners piano, ukulele, and songwriting.





Overall Rating?        5/5

How would you rate the teacher as an instructor?     5/5

Do you like the pace of the class?     Yes

Would you recommend this teacher to a friend?      Yes

Is the teacher informative and do they make the environment fun?     Yes

Additional Comments:

Steve is an awesome teacher. He made the lessons fun and informative. He taught me on a level I could understand and keep pace with as well as some advanced techniques to challenge me. I highly recommend Steve and G&G Music!



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