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Yamaha BBT500115 bass amp

                             Suggested Retail: $1666.95   G&G clearance price: $799.95

Modern bass technology with old-school thump.

Innovative bass combo brings together a Yamaha 15" bass driver with the groundbreaking BBT500H bass amplifier. The 15" speaker produces all the full, round fundamental you need to deliver solid tone at any gig. The weight relief from utilizing a digital amp section will save you many nights of backache, too.

The BBT500-115 delivers 500W with a complete 24-bit signal path and 11 bass amp sounds, a programmable parametric EQ, effects blend, compressor, and 5 presets for tone sculpting. It also has a noise gate, line out, parallel effects loop, DI with speaker simulator, MIDI capability, variable crossover, and headphone and tuner outs.

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